Shift Left With OWASP IDEVulScanner


Jitu Ranjan

Thursday, October 26, 2023

What is shift left security?

Shift-Left Security is the practice of moving security checks as early and often in the SDLC as possible as part of a DevSecOps shift. Vulnerabilities found earlier in development are much easier and cheaper to fix.

OWASP IDE-VulScanner

OWASP IDE VulScanner v1.0.1
We are glad to release our latest version of IDE VulScanner plugin, this enables developers to perform component scanning in early phases of implementations.

We believe best way to bring in a shift left security strategy is to offer capabilities targeting developers. OWASP IDE-VulScanner is an IDE plugin which on a click of button does following

  • Analyse your maven project dependencies CVSS score
  • Highlights vulnerable components within your Maven project
  • Generate OWASP Dependency Check Report

We are also working on other cool products to support shift left security strategies. Follow OWASP projects page to keep yourself updated. Alternatively reach out to us from our website.